Internet Travel Sites – Tips

These days we all travel more on our yearly vacations, some more than others while the really adventurous like to travel as far away from where they live as they can. Whatever your travel interest is you will find a wealth of information online at numerous travel sites. It is now true that increasing numbers of people carry out all their travel arrangements using internet web sites. The main problem is the convenience of it all and the huge savings that can be found using the internet.

Although I am not one to put my complete trust in these sites and still like to visit my travel agent. While this may be the way to book your holiday now, I still enjoy sitting front of a real person and not a computer screen.

I find it difficult explaining what I am looking for to a machine whereas it is easier to ask for details from a travel agent. I have never found it easy dealing with travel sites especially when I want to have a discussion with someone before I make a decision on something; plus on the very rare occasion you manage to get through to a support line, they are not as helpful as someone sitting in front of you.

If you do speak to someone, they may just tell you what you want to hear which is easy and what are the chances you will be able to find them? With a travel agent they are real and I can always go back to them and clarify points especially if something goes wrong.

Whereas a good friend of mine only ever books her vacations online and always those advertised at the last minute; probably from cancellations. She is good at this and saves hundreds of dollars of the proper price and has always had a good vacation.

I’m not one for last minute travel although I suppose I could be if my schedule was more flexible but my job requires me to ask for vacation months in advance. There are other discounts to be made as well if you are prepared to book your vacation through a travel site, like discounts on car hire, excursions and tickets for events for example.

Although I actually spend time with my travel agent, I do actually carry out a great deal of research on prospective locations before I make up my mind. It may not be fair on my travel agent but at least I know if something goes wrong, I will have someone to complain to on my return.

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